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Byers Choice

Byers Choice

Each Byers' Choice caroler is hand-crafted to createa unique and wonderful caroler that will capture the warmth and spirit of Christmas for years to come. Joyce Byers made her first carolers in the 1960s because she wanted a few Christmas decorations that would show respect for timeless traditions and Christmas memories. From the dining room table to a
team of over 180 artisans, Byers' Choice has grown into a business that strives to "produce quality products at an affordable price while being dedicated to serving its customers and the community in the spirit of Christmas."

Joyce Byers sculpts every original plaster-mold head. Once the clay is dry, the paint and features are added using an impressionistic technique bringing life into each caroler. Joyce designs each outfit from over 100 different fabrics and ribbons to create beautiful traditional/Victorian outfits for the carolers. By adjusting the clothes or posing, the personality of the caroler is created!

"Byers' Choice is dedicated to bringing you the finest handcrafted gifts. Every Caroler and Kindle is lovingly produced in our facility in Pennsylvania to bring the special warmth and traditions of Christmas into your home. "

-- Jeff Byers

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