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Christopher Radko

Christopher Radko

Christopher Radko produces extraordinary ornaments! Each ornament is handcrafted using a seven day, centuries-old process. More then 3,000 skilled craftspeople make up the cottage workshops in Poland, Italy, Germany, and the Czech Republic to produce the ornaments, finials, and garlands.To begin the creation, a design is made and is then carved from clay or plaster. A sand cast mold made from molten metal is produced using a Renaissance-era technique. The mold is then ready for the ornament making process.

Day 1: The glassblower uses clear, tempered glass to create the ornament (this tempered glass is notably stronger than most glass used to make ornaments).
Day 2: Liquid sterling is injected into the ornament by hand. The luminescence that sets Christopher Radko ornaments apart is from this "silvering" process.
Day 3: The matte lacquer is hand-applied to the base.
Day 4: The second coat of lacquer is applied along with any other vivid colors.
Day 5: The fine details are hand painted. This step is what turns the ornaments into works of art. The variations in each ornament are because of the personalized touches which then create one-of-a-kind heirlooms.
Day 6: Extra sparkle is applied by a dusting of glitter.
Day 7: Each item created is inspected to ensure the highest standards. After passing inspection, the golden Radko custom-designed ornament crown and the Radko charm are placed on the final design.

"Designed and created by skilled artisans with a timeless elegance and beauty, these are finely crafted ornaments to be treasured for many generations to come! More than just decorations, a Radko® ornament is a work of heart." --Christopher Radko

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