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Steinbach German Nutcrackers

Steinbach German Nutcrackers

The Steinbach family started their business by purchasing a timber yard and operating a wood sawmill run by steam and eventually began making nutcrackers and other fine wood products. For most of the last two centuries, the Steinbach Family has been working, planting, and harvesting the finest wood from the forests of Germany.

The Steinbach Company (Steinbach GmbH-Vereinigte Werkstaetten Deutscher Volkskunst) contains two plants: the older of the two is in Hohenhamein (a small town in Northern Germany) and in Marienburg (a small town in the heart of Erzgebirge). The company was originally located in Erzgebirge but they left due to Soviet control after World War II. When communism came to an end in Europe, Herr Steinbach built a factory in Marienburg.

Under Herr Steinbach the company saw much growth and expansion. He widened the range of the nutcrackers that where developed, in the past the nutcrackers where mostly carvings of authorities from the 18th and 19th centuries (such as policemen, kings and soldiers). Herr Steinbach began to create nutcrackers that portrayed famous legends and characters, coming from art, literature and folklore and from the all over the world.

Steinbachs resourcefulness and outstandingly high standards helped his nutcrackers become world famous. Another key factor came into play, Herr Steinbach began to limit the amount of nutcrackers that where being produced. In doing this, he made his nutcrackers more interesting and special.

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